Sermons from May 2017

Sermons from May 2017

Death Cannot Stop True Love

Sermon from May 14, 2017 based on the end of Acts 7, when Stephen is stoned to death. Admittedly, it’s a strange passage for Mother’s Day. But maybe it works? You decide. At any rate, it’s about what our mothers (biological and otherwise) give to us, which is far more than the greeting care sentimentality. Mothers are strong, brave, giving, and wise.…

Church 101

Sermon on May 7, 2017 The passage is about the church and who we are. The sermon compares the “business” of church with the account in Acts and instead finds a better metaphor than “business.” Church is home. Acts 2:42-47 & I Peter 2:2-10

Upside Down Grace

Sermon on April 30, 2017 This is a bit of elaboration on the Gospel message in the light of humorous reversal. Essentially, this sermon compares two “versions” of the Gospel story: one that emphasizes our inadequacy and the other that emphasizes grace. Both aspects are true, but the Gospel can often be used as a weapon rather than being the “good…

The Cross is Foolishness

Sermon on April 17, 2017. This Sunday, we celebrated the tradition of Holy Humor Sunday. It’s a day of reversal and of doing things  a bit out of order. Turns out, it’s totally in line with the Gospel, too. One of the most universal aspects of humor is the frustration of expectation. It’s why comedians push the boundaries of acceptability with language or…