In the Baptist tradition, all of God’s people are ministers. Our three vocational pastors are called to equip the people of God in Christian service. Each pastor has entered the vocational ministry by the calling of God and has been ordained to the Gospel ministry. Although each pastor has an area of focus and special training, all of our pastors minister to the whole congregation.

Family Life Ministry

Our Family Life Ministry includes people of all ages, single and married. The Family Life Ministry plans activities that strengthen and nurture the bonds of fellowship and community through missions, fellowship, and Christian growth activities. Our Family Night at Christmas brings our children together in celebration of the birth of Christ, and the annual Make a Difference Day brings together folks of all ages to clean the fall leaves from the lawns of some of our physically limited people. We are fully devoted to ministry to the needs of young families including youth, children, and parents.

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Supported Ministries

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