Church Picnic

Come picnic with us this Sunday, September 25, at Melton Lake Park. Meet at 4:00 for fun and games, eat at 5:00. Bring your favorite covered dish!


Beginning August 1, we started a series of small group meetings, hosted and led by church family members. The group studies are based on Jen Hatmaker’s book Simple & Free. The book is not required for participation. It’s 1 hour, 1 night a week, for about 8 weeks. If you want to join a group, the sign up sheet is in the Narthex, or you may email the church office.

Come see what it’s all about!

COVID Protocol (updated)

Greetings, Church Family,

Sunday [January 9], Church Council considered our continued policies concerning health safety in the light of the status of vaccination availability and the rising cases of the Omicron variant. After deliberation and discussion, the Church Council has made the following adjustments to our policy. FBC OR recommends that all people attending activities should wear a well-fitting mask while indoors to help curb the spread of infectious disease, but masks are not required. All of those who are serving with children under the age of 5 are required to wear masks since they are unable to obtain a vaccine at this time.
Church Council will review our policies at each monthly meeting and will make adjustments as deemed necessary. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them with me and I will make them known to the Church Council.

Rory Naeve

Thank you and be well!

COVID Protocol

Until the Church Council meets on January 9th, we’re asking everyone to keep wearing masks for worship and other activities. Recently, our area is experiencing increased infection rates and a shortage in the capacity of local hospitals. After Church Council meets on the 9th, we will update you as soon as possible with any changes in policy.

Stay tuned to this News page for updates.