Shawn Simic

Shawn Simic

Sean Simic

Shawn Simic was extremely impacted by a loving community when he was a teenager and seeks to provide that to the youth at First Baptist. He strives to work with everyone at the church to create an environment to meet youth where they are to help them find the love of Jesus in their lives.

Shawn holds a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Business and has worked previously in the IT industry. After much prayer and discernment, he left this career path to pursue God’s call to ministry. Shawn has earned a Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and also works in donor relations for a non profit called Crown Financial Ministries. Shawn is passionate about building strong biblical foundations that help youth answer the key questions in their lives with Christ as the center: Who am I, where do I belong, and what difference can I make?

Shawn is married to Hannah and lives in Oak Ridge with their 3 children, Ginny, Clara, and Sam as well as their two dogs, Gertie and Biscuit.

Minister to Children
Hannah Simic
Minister of Music
Tim Bounds