Hannah Simic

Hannah Simic

Hannah Simic, smiling

Hannah Simic is passionate about sharing the love of Christ with children and youth. Her mission is to instill a knowledge of Lordship and a sense of contentment¬†in Christ in every child. Her husband Shawn has a similar passion and serves as First Baptist Oak Ridge’s Youth Director.

In 2011, Hannah graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Political Science. She has served children throughout her career in many ways, including as a kindergarten teacher and a development director for the Margaret Hudson School for pregnant and teenage mothers. She has volunteered with many schools over the years, serving as a tutor and mentor for elementary age students. Currently, she also works as the Digital Delivery Director for Crown Financial Ministries where she raises funds and writes content that helps Christians of all ages around the world become faithful stewards of their finances, relationships, and talents.

Shawn and Hannah live in Oak Ridge with their 3 children, Ginny, Clara, and Sam as well as their two dogs, Gertie and Biscuit. Hannah fills her time with baking, cooking, and searching thrift stores for antiques and treasures.

Minister to Youth
Shawn Simic