Holy Fools

Holy Fools

Easter, I have found, is a hard holiday for most of us. I mean, it’s good and we all look forward to it. We buy new clothes, hide eggs, make a special dinner, and go to church for a rousing day reminding us of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But then… what? Back to normal? Peter tried. After the resurrection of Jesus and meeting him in the upper room, Peter goes fishing. Back to the normal life. And Jesus has to have a breakfast meeting and get Peter to realize that there is no going back.

Unbeknownst to many, there is a season after Easter called “Eastertide.” For us, I want it to be a time when we reflect on what Jesus’ resurrection means for us, how it changes everything. Easter isn’t some “one and done” holiday; it’s the hinge on which history swings. Paul describes the Easter phenomena – the Gospel, we might say – as foolishness! Foolishness? Did he dedicate his life to foolishness? Have Christians been following foolishness for thousands of years? Are we fools?

Yes; Holy Fools.

Beginning on April 23rd, we’re going to be considering a world flipped upside down, the foolishness of God’s vision of a world a different way. It may seem strange to phrase it that way, but it’s the truth. God’s way seems foolish; the resurrection is like a comic reversal; and we who follow in that way are fools. I would urge you not to miss it as we begin with Holy Humor Sunday on April 23rd. With laughter, joy, and even foolishness, we can be Easter people.

Pie Jesu