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About the Directory

To enhance the fellowship and communication among our congregation, a Church Directory Team was elected to develop a new pictorial directory of and for members of First Baptist Church of Oak Ridge. The Church Council directed the Team to use only resources and volunteers within the community as much as possible. The Team consists of: Frank Averill, Karen Baker, Adrienne Giles, Sally Hutson, Lela Moore, Nena Moss, Rev. Rory Naeve, Gerald Scott, Hannah Simic, Johelen Stephenson, and Melody Turner.

The goal of the Team was to publish a pictorial directory to provide pictures and contact information of families and individuals within the church community. The directory is available to the church community in the three following formats:

  1.  A printed copy in booklet form.
  2.  A password-protected electronic copy in PDF format.
  3.  A password-protected searchable online database.

Steps in the Process:

  1.  The process began with individuals providing their contact information either online or on a hardcopy form. 
    Completed hardcopy forms were returned by members to the directory team.
  2.  Photos were taken by one of our life-long church members, Sally Bowers Hutson. Sally took pictures of members outside near the front door of the church. She also visited shut-ins and took pictures in their homes.
  3.  Directory participants were given a printed copy of the contact information submitted earlier and were asked to verify the accuracy of the data and give permission for including this information and their pictures in the church directory.
  4.  For those desiring prints of their family’s directory photograph, packets of prints of varied sizes are available at reasonable prices.
  5.  The church directory is now available both online (password-protected) and in printed format.
  6.  Only individuals and families who have given their written permission to the church will have their information and pictures included in the directory. Members not wanting their information in the directory can choose not to participate in the information gathering and picture taking process. Nevertheless, all in the church community will have access to the directory. Participants in the FBC church family may request an account for access to the online directory.
  7.  If you have any questions, please contact a Directory Team Member.