Posts from April 2017

Posts from April 2017

We Need Both

I’ve never experienced Holy Humor Sunday before. I liked it! For me, the beauty in the liturgical year, following the seasons in the Church calendar, is in the balance. The darkness and anticipation of Advent is met in the brightness of Christmas and the fulfillment of Epiphany. Likewise, the somber fasting of Lent gives way to the joyous abundance of Eastertide. Holy…

Holy Fools

Easter, I have found, is a hard holiday for most of us. I mean, it’s good and we all look forward to it. We buy new clothes, hide eggs, make a special dinner, and go to church for a rousing day reminding us of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But then… what? Back to normal? Peter tried. After the resurrection of Jesus and meeting him in the upper room, Peter goes…

Pie Jesu

Last Sunday was special. A big part of that was because of some special music by the duo: Nena Moss & Gigi Naeve. It’s a gorgeously sung treatment of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of Pie Jesu. Their voices blend beautifully. Check it out. Peace, Rory